World of Wolfson on Film

I was surprised when a young film-maker named Alex Beresford got in touch to tell me he was making a documentary based partly on my experiences. I was equally astonished when he said he wanted me to appear in it. I’m the old hideous-looking one in the middle.

So here it is; the stories told straight from the horse’s mouth (in my Stoke-on-Trent drawl). As I have been attempting to do for a while, Alex’s film Cult: The Final Chapter highlights a sinister side of the Derbyshire town of Buxton and the ending is particularly creepy. Alex has gone to hone his craft at film school and I look forward to seeing more of his cinematic explorations.

Author: Darcus Wolfson

Darcus Wolfson is a writer who lives in the Peak District, England. Holding down several part-time jobs and equally strange hobbies. His inspiration comes from his brain. Either that or real-life trauma. Darcus published his book 'Hidden Places on Earth' on Amazon in 2013. Twelve tales of terror that may be connected, Hidden Places on Earth is a journey into the unknown: A small town journalist discovers a bizarre secret in the woods. A pirate joins the crew of a mysterious ship. A young girl goes missing in Sasquatch country. A LARP club get more than they bargain for. A young woman develops an infatuation with a statue. Vikings journey to Loch Ness in search of its monstrous occupant.

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