The Wolfson Collection part 1: 1979 Alien Toy

Into creepy stuff since I was a kid, I have retained many toys, games and books that have nudged their way into the annals of obscurity and wonder as the decades have passed.

Up first is a 19 inch tall action figure that I’ve never had the heart to part with, even though it’s missing its tail and inner set of teeth (the left arm is also blu-tacked on). I believe this was the first Alien toy ever manufactured shortly after the release of Ridley Scott’s ground-breaking science-fiction horror film in 1979; a long time before it became a franchise and spawned merchandise beyond count.

just taking a stroll

I played with this toy loads even though I was too young to see the film but my mum and dad who had seen it, assured me that it was very good and that I could watch it as soon as I was 18. I think they caved in a few years later when it came out on Betamax. The somewhat gruesome plaything proved to be a great adversary for my Action Men, towering above them and thrusting its double set of teeth (activated by a discreet button at the base of its skull) while they had only their “eagle eyes” and naff rubber hands to save them from a grisly and inevitable demise.

Alien is now happily married to Care Bear and they have two lovely children

I loved the way the H R Giger-designed cranium glowed in the dark so out of all my toys, I could still see it in my bedroom at night. Most kids probably would have been freaked out but I was a bit strange. I suspect that if my Alien was still in good nick and in its original box, it would pay for a holiday in Australia but what child of the 80s ever kept their toys in pristine condition? That would be even weirder than playing with the thing.


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