Wild Camper vs. Wild Beast

It’s been a while since I posted anything on WOW but folk still get in touch occasionally to tell me about a disturbing experience of their own. A gentleman who calls himself Novice Wild Camper on YouTube not only had a tale to tell but recorded it, right here in my home turf of the Peak District. I’ll let you watch the film for yourself:

(37) What was that noise! Wild camp in the Peak District with weird noises at night! – YouTube

I’m sure you will agree that the noise NWC heard outside his tent certainly sounded like something you might expect to hear in a zoo and not the British countryside. However, regular readers will already know that encounters with exotic predators are far from uncommon in this part of the world. Monstrous cats and dogs and even werewolves have been reported: Read about them HERE and HERE.

What occurred to me about NWC’s video was how calm he seemed in a situation where he suddenly found himself alone with something that might potentially eat him. Personally, I think I would have given Usain Bolt a run for his money but as NWC explained to me “I think I was trying to stay calm for the camera but I froze inside. All I could think was that whatever it was could probably outrun an old fart like me so I’d be better off inside!”

As outlandish as it might seem, NWC could have been just a few feet away from what is sometimes referred to as the Chinley Panther (Chinley is a Derbyshire village), amongst other nicknames; a big cat that has been spotted roaming the hills of the High Peak over the last few decades. The phenomenal feline is known for shying away from humans, rather than attacking them but there’s always a first time!

Despite a lack of hard evidence, many locals have accepted the beast as reality, some are almost blasé about it. I recently asked a friend of my dad’s if he had seen the creature; a rational man who has lived in rural Derbyshire for all of his life. Much to my surprise, he told me he once caught sight of it in his headlights one night and remarked on its speed “I don’t know what it is but it can shift”. The embracing of a local legend reminds me of my trip to Canada and how the Canadians had seemingly accepted Bigfoot as part of their lives. I guess there’s nothing wrong with a good campfire story and like this film, the monsters are gracious enough to leave us a snippet every now and again that they just might be real.

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